Student of the Semester - Winter 2021 Meet Lydia!

Name: Lydia E.

Age: 14

Location: VA


Lydia is an active member of her church and sings in the church choir. She is interested in ornithology and loves to spend time outside amongst the birds and wildlife. In her free time, she enjoys biking, baking, knitting and watching classic movies and musicals.

What Jonathan has to say about Lydia:

Lydia is an amazing student who I have had the privilege to teach in several OTA courses. No matter what the subject is – (law, politics, journalism, or technology) – I can count on Lydia to bring her “A” game in both the classroom and homework assignments. Same goes for her projects and class presentations – she always seems to meet, if not exceed, my expectations every time!

Jonathan Meola, OTA

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