Student of the Semester - Summer 2020 Meet Navi!

Name: Navi

Age: 12

Location: RI

Chosen for: Twice Towards Justice

Navi is a wonderment to our family. Her zest for learning, challenging herself, and exploring the ideas of other people and cultures is both admirable and contagious. Navi, the consummate bibliophile, never without a book, or two in hand. She reads not only for enjoyment and quest for knowledge, but also takes great pleasure in curating lists of stellar books for others to read.

As a strong and dedicated athlete, she is missing her sports such as lacrosse during the pandemic. An avid traveler, she is enamored by the people and cultures she has learned from and about while traveling the world. Navi is fueled by her empathy and huge heart using it as the base for her social justice and advocacy work. She worked diligently to procure a position on a youth activist board fighting racial injustice.

Navi’s enigmatic soul, generosity of spirit, passion, drive, and empathic nature make for an indelible impression on family, friends, and those she meets along her way through life.

What Eva has to say about Navi:

Navi is a natural leader in our literature classes.

She poses questions, challenges her classmates to think outside of the box and respectfully offers her own viewpoints – explaining her reasoning and knowledge to those who inquire further.

Navi is intelligent, well-spoken and a natural leader.
Eva Goldstein-Meola, OTA

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