Student of the Semester - Summer 2020 Meet Norah!

Name: Norah

Age: 7

Location: VA

Chosen for: Magic Tree House

“Unstoppable Norah” is the youngest of 3 kids in her family, but she is determined to do everything the bigger kids in her family can do! Norah tried out for and made the local dive team at age 4… became a competitive swimmer by age 5 and learned how to ride her bike by age 6!

Norah loves anything that sparkles or anything bright and colorful. She is working so hard on learning to read so she is grateful to our Open Tent Academy teachers (like Mrs. Brittany!) for gently guiding her and giving her the confidence to work her way through reading these books!

Norah also enjoys her “down time” playing Minecraft, being a daisy girl scout with her friends and watching Barbie Dream House Adventures.

What Brittany has to say about Norah:

Learning to read is hard work, but Norah is up for the challenge.

She volunteers to read aloud in class, which takes courage; Norah has also taught her classmates many interesting facts during class discussions!

I am very proud of Norah’s effort and congratulate her on having read over 120 pages this term!

Brittany Robbins, OTA

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