Student of the Semester - Winter 2021 Meet Safiya!

Name: Safiya N.

Age: 9

Location: IL


Safiya, the second to last out of her four siblings, is a kind and gentle soul. She loves children and is incredibly patient with anyone who is younger than her. She especially loves babies and taking care of them. Although her inner self is soft, her outer core is solid. She is an accomplished gymnast and has been practicing her moves since she was 6 years old! Currently, she is working on her back flip. Horses are Safiya’s second love. Her favorite part of horseback riding is making friends with the horses and feeding them carrots and apples. In her free time, Safiya loves being in the kitchen and helping her mom. She loves baking desserts and watching and learning new recipes from mom. She recently made super yummy cake pops! Safiya is also an amazing artist. Finding herself lost in a drawing or pouring over a painting project is her relaxing weekend getaway.

What Brittany has to say about Safiya:

I am incredibly impressed with the effort and attention to detail that Safiya puts into her LEGO builds each week. I can see from her creations that she listens carefully to my instruction and works hard to incorporate the important elements from each lesson. In the past five years, I have coached many homeschooled students on FIRST LEGO League robotics teams, in addition to teaching students online; Safiya’s designs stand out as some of the best I have seen. I hope that she will continue to develop her skills, as she seems to have a natural gift for engineering and design. It is a joy to have Safiya as a student!

Brittany Robbins, OTA

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