Student of the Semester - Summer 2020 Meet Taya!

Name: Taya

Age: 10

Location: AZ

Chosen for: Introduction to Writing

Taya is 10 years old and has two dogs (Olive and Joy) and a horse (Taffy), who she loves to compete with at gymkhanas (field days for equestrians), in which she demonstrates her horsemanship skills and riding ability. She also loves to read and write her own stories and books.

What Jonathan has to say about Taya:

Even though this is my first class with Taya as a student, I can say with confidence that she is definitely going to be one of my most memorable ones. She is enthusiastic and loves to be engaged during our online sessions, and it’s common to see Taya cheer on her fellow classmates during our sessions. Taya loves to encourage her peers to participate both in the lesson and in after-session online chat get-togethers (in which the students have a few minutes of webcam time where they can talk and catch up with each other after class).

Taya is an excellent writer who really loves and appreciates the art, and I expect to see even greater things from her in the future.

Jonathan Meola, OTA

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