Student of the Semester - Winter 2021 Meet Wyatt!

Name: Wyatt

Age: 12

Location: PA


Wyatt loves to be outdoors, whether it is camping with the Boy Scouts, hunting for salamanders in a creek, or sleeping in a hammock on the porch. He is fortunate to have had wonderful music teachers in his life from a young age, and he plays the piano, mandolin and guitar. Wyatt and his friends have braved snow and ice to play Dungeons and Dragons outside together all winter long. Wyatt is excited for the warmer temperatures ahead and backpacking trips with the family.

What Eva has to say about Wyatt:

Wyatt loves projects! It has been apparent in all of the work he has done in Geography Matters: USA. His work is not only creative but thorough. Through his projects, Wyatt has demonstrated the knowledge he has gained. Additionally, in Intro to Writing, Wyatt has worked so hard to truly grasp the concepts! His writing has improved tremendously. I am so proud of him and his efforts!

Eva Goldstein-Meola, OTA

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