Student of the Semester - Spring 2020 Kateri K. – VA

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Kateri, 17, has been dancing since the age of four, and her favorite style of dance is ballet. When she isn’t dancing or completing schoolwork, she enjoys baking, cake decorating and reading. She plans on furthering her studies in science and mathematics as she makes her plans to attend college next year.

What Eva Goldstein-Meola had to say about Kateri:

Every now and then, if you are a very lucky teacher, you run across a student who “totally gets whatever you are teaching.” To the teacher, it seems like the process for this student is almost natural. The student isn’t perfect; however, the student gives 110% – always. This is Kateri. I have instructed Kateri for several years now, in courses such as this year’s High School Research, and simply put, “She just gets it.”

Kateri’s writing has a voice, is fluid and works! Behind the scenes, she works tirelessly to bring her writing to this point; however, she never settles for less than the best she can give. Simply put, she is a writer.

Eva Goldstein-Meola, OTA Instructor

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