Student of the Semester - Spring 2020 Pierce C. – FL

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Pierce, 13, lives in South Florida.  He has a few hobbies, including tae kwon do, saltwater fishing, archery, and sharpshooting – which he works at regularly.  Additionally, Pierce enjoys any opportunity to participate in outdoor sport-related activities. 

What Eva Goldstein-Meola had to say about Pierce:

Not too long ago, Pierce turned in papers that were not, shall we say, “well done.”  I asked him if he wanted to meet with me one-to-one to go over what I thought was the problem.  Since that one Skype meeting, Pierce’s work is nothing less than phenomenal!   He took everything I said to heart, implemented it and decided to give it a go!  The hard work has paid off.  Pierce’s writing in both his writing and literature classes stands out from his classmates.  He found his voice, learned how to write with structure and honestly, I secretly believe, enjoys the process now! 

Pierce you are one of those students, which I will use as an example for years to come.  Congratulations my friend, you deserve this!  You have put in the effort, and learned what makes for good writing!

Eva Goldstein-Meola, OTA Instructor

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