Anna, Virginia

  • Anna is 10.
  • She loves to read, play with her sister, listen to classical music, ride her bike, and play the piano.
  • When asked, she wants to be many things when she grows up and tells me she will one day will make up her mind: chef, concert pianist, pediatrician, barista, and author.

What Eva Goldstein-Meola said about Anna:

  • “Anna in my You Can’t Stop Them:  Strong Female Leads class. Anna is the youngest member of this class (by years) and has put forth 125% effort in everything she has done all year.”
  • “She has kept up with the reading, participated in discussions, put together AMAZING projects.”
  • “Her attitude, passion and drive set her apart.”
  • “Anna internalized, recognized and analyzed commonalities between all the novels we read without any prompting.”
  • “She attempted five paragraph papers without instruction this year and did a marvelous job with them.”
  • “The project that stood out the most of Anna’s this year was her Turtle in Paradise Book Trailer!”

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