Grace, Florida


  • Grace is 15 years old
  • Grace plans to pursue a career in the medical field – perhaps a trauma surgeon.
  • Currently, Grace volunteers twice a week at two hospitals.
  • In addition to volunteering and school, she still finds time to attend acting and dance lessons.
  • Recently, Grace performed in the musical, Cabaret, as a kit kat girl and is currently playing Audrey in Leading Ladies.

What Eva Goldstein-Meola has to say about Grace:

  • “In the beginning of the year, Grace lacked confidence in her writing; however, that did not deter her in any way.  She passionately worked and pushed herself.  Her last few essays for Lights! Camera! Actions! were absolute works of art!”
  • “Grace gives 110% of herself into everything she turns in to me.”
  • “During class, she is always positive.”
  • “During discussions, she consistently contributes details into every conversation we have!”
  • “And quite honestly, she just makes the classroom a happy place!”



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