Student of the Semester - Winter 2019 Zach S. – IA


Zach is a level 10 gymnast who practices 20 hours a week and travels frequently to participate in competitions.

Online, live classes through Open Tent Academy allow him to obtain a high quality education while providing him flexibility in his schedule to train. His favorite course this year was Ancient History.

In his spare time, Zach enjoys fishing and anything outdoors. He is an avid reader and is currently finishing a series by Michael Grant.

What Jonathan Meola has to say about Zach:

I’ve had Zach in several different classes this year, and he really has stood out in all of them, whether it’s in terms of contributing to class discussions, presenting projects to his peers, or in successfully completing his regular assignments. Given his intense training schedule, it’s great to see how Zach consistently brings his “A” game in the classroom!

Jonathan Meola, OTA Instructor

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