Student of the Semester - Summer 2020 Meet Braeden!

Name: Braeden

Age: 9 years old

Location: Washington State

Chosen for: LEGO Design – Amazing Animals

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Braeden is silly, energetic and enthusiastic, with an incredible imagination. He loves creating and building worlds with Legos, writing and illustrating his own guidebooks about all the things he’s interested in, and playing Mario and Luigi’s Mansion. Braeden also enjoys reading Goosebumps, Land of Stories and Calvin and Hobbes. He has always been extremely passionate about animals, and especially enjoys playing with his dogs, Pippin and Hobbes. 

What Brittany has to say about Braeden:

Braeden was a student in my summer camp session LEGO Design: Amazing Animals. Braeden put tremendous effort into each of his LEGO build assignments, incorporating the concepts he learned in class into each design. His video presentations were informative, and I was particularly impressed with the biodiversity he built into his LEGO rainforest assignment. Braden has a gift for using the medium of LEGO bricks to help tell important stories about the world around us!

Brittany Robbins, OTA

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