Student of the Semester - Summer 2020 Meet Gracie!

Name: Gracie

Age: 7 years old

Location: Virginia 

Chosen for: Exploring American History with the American Girls

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Gracie loves art and is always creating art or noticing art in everything around us. She always loves helping in the kitchen. Her favorite things to make are cookies and waffles. She also loves animals and works with foster animals from our local animal shelter to help them get socialized, which in turn gets them adopted faster.

What Eva has to say about Gracie:

Gracie was a student in my summer class EXPLORING AMERICAN HISTORY WITH THE AMERICAN GIRLS. During class, Gracie had interesting facts about history to add to every discussion. It was very clear that Gracie understood what the characters were going through and you could feel her empathy for each “American Girl”. Gracie put tremendous effort into each Word Splash done in class. Finally, every week Gracie had something to share from the time period. For being the youngest in the class, Gracie had complete confidence in sharing and explaining the connection to history!

Eva Goldstein-Meola, OTA

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