Student of the Semester - Summer 2020 Meet Holden!

Name: Holden

Age: 10 years old

Location: Virginia

Chosen for: Crazy Contraptions and LEGO Design – Amazing Animals

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Holden is a creator in every sense of the word! He loves to draw, build, paint, and design; however, his current obsession is remote control planes. He is a joy to be around and a great conversationalist! 

What Brittany has to say about Holden:

Holden was a student in two of my summer camp sessions – Crazy Contraptions and LEGO Design: Amazing Animals. Holden’s interest in climate change and desire to protect wildlife drives his passion for developing sustainable modes of transportation. He incorporated innovative thinking into his LEGO builds and inspired our class to imagine a world where people can travel in ways that support a healthy environment. Holden has a gift for using the medium of LEGO bricks to help us reimagine the world around us!

Brittany Robbins, OTA

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