Student of the Semester - Summer 2020 Meet Molly!

Name: Molly

Age: 11 years old

Location: Georgia

Chosen for: American Girls, Sprucing up your Study Skills, Summer Book Club, Powerful Paragraph

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Molly is eleven years old and lives in Georgia. She is a green belt in Tae Kwon Do and is about to begin her ninth year of dance classes and bridge to the Cadette level in Girl Scouts. She loves creating art, anything from ceramics to fashion design. She also enjoys hiking, camping, and backpacking in nice weather and got to do her first section hike on the Appalachian Trail this past year. Her current obsessions are the Harry Potter series (which she is reading for the fourteenth time), Hamilton (the lyrics of which she works into conversation all day every day), and Scotch tape. She wants to be a vegan chef with her own restaurant someday.

What Eva has to say about Molly:

Molly took a slew of classes with Open Tent this summer. In each and every class, she was a joy to instruct. Simply put, Molly is just HAPPY! She was inquisitive and passionate! Molly cheered other students on as well as provided thoughtful feedback! Molly took great pride in every assignment impressing not only me, but the other students in the class.

Eva Goldstein-Meola, OTA

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