Open Tent Academy presents: Summer Workshops!

Open Tent Academy understands that the current situation is very hard for everyone all around the world.

COVID-19 is spreading. School, co-ops, and almost all activities are cancelled. Children are getting restless. Parents are beginning to go a bit stir-crazy!

We want to do our part to help not only the homeschooling world, but students who are home because school is cancelled and in many states, learning has been discontinued.

We are offering HEAVILY DISCOUNTED classes (typically half-price our usual prices) to help you out between May and August 2020!

Coupon codes are NOT being applied to ANY of the May – August 2020 prices as the prices are already HEAVILY DISCOUNTED.

Note: All times listed are USA Eastern. If you live elsewhere, please make sure you convert the time before registering.

PLEASE REGISTER ONLY IF… you are 100% sure that your child will attend, as we have limited seats to 15 students per class.  There are no refunds for these classes.  Once you register, you are reserving a seat.  All live classes are recorded so if your child misses a class, they can watch the recording.  Class recordings will be available through September 30, 2020.

PLEASE REGISTER ONLY IF… your child is developmentally and educationally ready to take this class.  We give you a grade range; however, you know your child best!

Registration begins Sunday, May 3, 2020 at 8:00 am ET (USA), and will continue until either:

  • the class is either full, OR
  • one week before the class begins

EACH CHILD MUST BE REGISTERED UNDER THEIR OWN REGISTRATION. This means register “Joey” for all his classes. Then, finalize the registration paying the registration fees.  Then, go back in a second time and register “Susie” for all her classes.  

Additional Notes:

  • Please make sure you read the workshop description before you register, so you understand how to prepare.
  • All students must enter the virtual classroom our Learning Management System, CANVAS.  Parents will receive an email the week prior to classes with the directions they need.
  • All students must enter using GOOGLE CHROME.
  • For all classes that meet more than once, there is a $10 registration fee.  This pays for the processing and set up in our Learning Management System, CANVAS.
  • If you opt to register for a class that meet only once, (BOOK CLUB), there is a $10 registration fee; however, you will not be added to our LMS.  Instead, you will receive a link to class via email 1 week before the class meets.  It is YOUR responsibility to ensure you have the link.  Please add to your contacts in your email address book.
  • For BOOK CLUB registrations, please read summaries of the novels to make sure your child can handle the content.  Every child is different.  Some maybe more sensitive than others.  It is up to the parents to check out the novel.   A great place to read summaries is .  Thank you!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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