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Kirsten Bowman

Kirsten Bowman


Kirsten is a human rights lawyer by profession, having worked within the UN system for over a decade. Living in many locations and on several continents, Kirsten has explored Africa, Europe, Asia and North America while working and living abroad. From prosecuting war criminals in Kenya to attending Human Rights meetings in Geneva, Kirsten has a passion for international justice and world travel. Now, as a homeschooling mama of two bright children, Kirsten has put her UN career on hold to teach both at the middle and high school level and at the University level.

From middle school to Masters Degree students at Universities such as Georgetown Law or Uppsala University Law Faculty in Sweden, Kirsten has become adept at teaching concepts at various levels to achieve an age appropriate understanding of important global ideas. She often recounts her first week of law school when she felt intimated and certain that she was not smart enough to become a lawyer. In frustration she took her books home and paragraph by paragraph tried to translate legal decisions written in convoluted language into a laypersons language that she could understand. It was at that moment that she understood that big concepts found in places like law, politics and social issues were not out of reach, but could be broken down into understandable chunks of information and she wanted to share this approach with as many people as possible.

Kirsten and her family split their time between California and Stockholm, Sweden, with common long trips for work and pleasure to locations in East Africa and Europe such as Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands, Russia and Estonia to name a few. When not teaching or consulting for the UN, Kirsten enjoys playing as much as possible with her children and exploring nature and the world with her family and dog.