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Marc Gottlieb

Marc Gottlieb


Marc Gottlieb was born in New York. His first teaching experience came in eighth grade, when the vice principal of his elementary school encouraged him to teach computers to the kindergarten class in addition to his own classmates.

Marc’s first career was as a chef, working is some of the most exclusive catering companies on Long Island. His attention to detail and focus on elegant presentation followed him into his computer career.

He has been a Web developer for over two decades, working with a myriad of technologies from graphic design to statistical analysis. During that time, he has personally mentored dozens of individuals and helped launch their careers. During that time, he also taught traditional and online classes to young adults and adults alike.

Marc is now focusing his attention on training the next generation of technologists. His approach to teaching mirrors his approach to his computer career: instead of speaking at students, he guides them on a journey of discovery. The advantage his students have, he says, is that he’s there to point out the shortcuts and avoid the dead ends.

“In all my years of teaching, there is nothing more satisfying than watching a student get to that ‘a-ha’ moment, when all of the pieces finally fall into place. I never get tired of seeing it.”