IEW stands for Institute of Excellence in Writing, an award-winning approach for teaching students the skills to express themselves with both eloquence and impact.  Within the IEW framework, Eva Goldstein-Meola uses one particular curriculum (Teaching Writing: Structure and Style) as the backbone for all the lessons that she creates.  And yes, she creates each and every lesson yearly (not using a themed book), all based on this methodology. The lessons are geared towards the students, and altered as needed throughout the year.

In order to succeed in every area of life, Eva truly believes that all students must hone their skills, and in particular the skills needed for communicating effectively with confidence. Whether your child is an eager learner or reluctant writer, Eva uses her experience along with the IEW approach, to give your child the tools they need to confidently write, think clearly, and express themselves with persuasiveness.

Learning to write well serves students not only during their school years; the skills learned in her classes carry over into college and beyond, and will remain with them throughout their adult lives and careers. Writing skills are profoundly important in the workplace, and the process of learning to write well also teaches students how to think clearly and communicate effectively in every area of life.

Eva teaches the structure that students need to develop confidence in the writing process, while gradually guiding them toward greater independence and creativity.  Depending on their class level, they will learn aspects of the nine structural models (note taking, writing paragraphs, stories, simple reports, writing from pictures, research reports, creative writing, essays, and critiques) to better help them organize any type of composition. Additionally, stylistic techniques (strong verbs, quality adjectives, sentence openers, and more) are taught incrementally, to gently move students from using basic skills into more sophisticated writing techniques.

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