All students will need:

1.  A three inch – 3 ring notebook.   The parent/students will have papers to print out prior to class.  These papers will be filed in this notebook (after class is over) to create a “Writing Textbook”.  This notebook can help them FOR LIFE.   It is truly a gem!

2.  Dividers for your notebook (directions will follow on HOW TO ASSEMBLE YOUR NOTEBOOK page)

3.  Approximately one ream of computer paper per student (500 sheets) for the year.

4.  Access to printer with black ink.  Personally, I would teach my child how to set the printer on DRAFT so you don’t “waste” any unnecessary ink.

It is expected that students and/or parents print out the handouts.  All handouts will be send to the students the WEEK PRIOR to class giving them a week to print these papers out.   They students should NOT file these papers away until AFTER their class.  These papers are their “notes” from class.  It will be a HUGE ADVANTAGE to them if they took about 30 minutes prior to class (the day before is typically the best option) and “pre-read” these papers.   It is OK if they do not understand everything.  We will teach this information in class; however, a preview will provide them with some background information.   Think of this as the student’s textbook.  During class,  they should have the printed papers next to them as I often refer to them.   I prefer to have them NOT take notes and instead pay attention and participate.  These handouts serve as their notes.  It would be a SIGNIFICANT DISADVANTAGE if you do NOT print out their NOTES for them to refer to when writing their papers.



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